Valon Koulu

Welcome to Valon koulu (The School of Light)!    



Valon koulu has been built due to the Healer Anna-Liisa Nuutinen’s 40 years of life experience.

Valon Koulu offers
– Intuitive Healer education
– Tranformation education as further education for Intuitive Healers
– Healings, meditation- ja spiritual growth -groups provided by educated Healers

The meaning of our action is to be an education- and informationforum and launch this integrative, releasing and knowledge expanding spiritual treatment.

Background of the founder Anna-Liisa Nuutinen

I have worked as an Intuitive Healer almost for forty years. The energy sensitivity comes from my childhood and it has slowly developed into an ability to identify the diseases which people have and the disorders of the energy level. As I’ve matured I have learned how to target the Light in peoples pains and it has been an immediate help for them. Over the years I have learned to notice that there are always reasons in the inner mental levels for the disorders. Eighteen years ago someone asked me if I could give them an education of Healing. I wondered how it could be teached. Together with my helpers of Light I created a basic level for four weekends that my students would have an opportunity to find a Connection of Heart to the healing Light and divine knowledge that comes with it. As the time has gone by I have read the healing reports of my students and I’ve gotten amazed again and again how deep help people got even from their practice healings. The central value of the healing and educating is the approbative presence, non-condemnation and the sanctity of Life. The meaning of the spiritual reality is to get connected to the body and mind and that way be manifested in that daily life and those moments in which we are present. We don’t represent any religion, instead, we believe that via the knowledge of Heart we can feel connected to Light which exists on every core. That Light is pure, indefinite love and unity. After educating 22 groups I had a need to found Valon Koulu. The meaning of Valon Koulu is to be a conjunctive maker between the therapists. We can also bring the services provided by the healers and educators into more expanding awareness where everyone who is in need for them can easily find the right one.

Anna-Liisa Nuutinen

Educators from the left: Merja, Päivi, Heidi, Anna-Liisa and Kirsi

The Light is power, a shine of the crystal beams, the waves of love hugging you softly. Surrender for the faith and you will get to meet the Mother Nature and the Sky Father, feel like home in the fountain of Life where you’ve gotten the prime strength and the sparkle to be born to the earthly life.